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Cowboy Up VIDEOS

“Winter Range” Cowboy Action Shooting Championship 4:28 min.

“Winter Range” is the SASS National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. In February, about 1,100 people competed in the weeklong event that takes place annually at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. This video was created by the Information Branch of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Hall of Fame | Cowboy Action Shooting 3:46 min.

Quite a few years ago I did the “A Sport for Everyone” SASS promo, and its response has been pretty overwhelming. So, I wanted to do a promo that shows how high energy our sport can be. The “action” in Cowboy Action Shooting so to speak. The idea is to draw more young people into the sport and show them how competitive and energetic it is.

Nicole Franks, Fastdraw Gunslinger 2:36 min.

Global News interview with Sophie Lui on Cowgirl Nicole Franks the Women’s World Champion of Fastdraw, the Sport of Gunslinging

Cowboy Mounted Shooting | Iowa State Fair 3:43 min.

Visit the Wild West at the State Fair. These cowboys find out who is the quickest draw east of the Grandstand.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting 2:49 min.

A horse, a gun, some balloons and a stopwatch and you’ve got yourself a new and growing sport with a BANG! 26 year old Lindsey Baranyk introduces us to Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Bad Girls 2:50 min.

Susan Turner, Jana & Dawn Morris clips and photos. Song: “Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere” – Brooks & Dunn

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association 2016 Houston Rodeo 2:17 min.

Double the action, double the fun.

Cowboy Action Shooting – Wreckreation Nation 13:43 min.

Draw, Pardner!

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