Coyote Calling & Hunting VIDEOS

Expert Coyote Calling Tips 5:41 MIN.

Predator Xtreme’s Dustin Butler breaks down the different coyote vocalizations and the best techniques for calling coyotes.

Electronic Calls Pros and Cons  4:24 min.

Predator Xtreme writer Dustin Butler discusses the pros and cons of electronic calls for hunting predators.

Calling Coyotes SOLO! with FoxPro 5:53 min.

Calling coyotes with a FoxPro & filming by yourself. Hunting coyotes is challenging but calling them & filming SOLO is even more challenging.

Hot Triple With Decoy Dogs 6:47 min.

Two hunters use live decoy dogs to lure in three coyotes and the race is on!

Coyote Hunting at Night 6:57 min.

We are starting to change the game with using thermal and night vision! Coyote hunting at its finest! WARNING – slow motion kill shots – enjoy the show!

Going to Work on Montana Coyotes – Long Range Hunting 5:41 min.

Dustin Butler with Predator Down takes 3 coyotes in one stand with the Gunwerks 6XC.

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