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Coyote Hunting VIDEOS

Coyote Hunting Feb 2018 4:31 min.

Going it alone on a snowy day.


Black Coyote Double (Warning!!! Coyotes die in this clip) 3:56 min.

Coyote hunting with dogs, Called in 3 black coyotes. However, we don’t recommend shooting when pastures are occupied with cattle.

INSTANT REPLAYS: Say Cheese 4:02 min.

First Tim slocks a coyote end-for-end, then check out a point-blank encounter with a coyote coming in to kill. Amazing footage of a close call in with a barrage of tracers!! Awesome action shot.

Coyote Hunting-6 PACK! 3:25 min.

6 coyotes coming to the call four are not so lucky.

Coyote Hunting at Night – Dirt Naps 6 6:57 min.

Dirt Naps 6! We are starting to change the game with using thermal and night vision! Coyote hunting at its finest!

Going to Work on Montana Coyotes – Long Range Hunting 5:41 min.

Dustin Butler with Predator Down takes 3 coyotes in one stand with the Gunwerks 6XC.

450 yd. coyote KILL and a Giant Rattle Snake! Coyote Hunting and Predator Calling TIPS at its Best! 9:32 min.

Watch awesome coyote and predator calling action along with the best how to and tips with World Champion Steve Criner, The Dog Soldier. Watch Steve as he travels the country using his coyote calls, hunting predators such as lions, bobcats, coyotes, fox and more. This is some of the most realistic coyote hunting ever seen on TV. Whether hes shooting coyotes, shooting bobcats, lions, bears, hogs, fox, or wolf Steve will have you right there beside him.Steve is one of the most headstrong, down to earth outdoor personalities in the business.

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