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Coyotes Impacting Deer Fawns

MOSSY OAK.COM From the Archives – It is no secret that during the spring and summer months of the year, one of a coyote’s favorite meals is a whitetail fawn. But how much impact do coyotes really have on a deer herd? And what can one do to protect fawns on their land?

While on a predator hunt in western Oklahoma, I was intrigued by conversation about one of the hunts that had taken place earlier that day and about predator hunting in general. Since we were located at an outfitter that primarily did whitetail hunts as opposed to a predator hunt like the one that we were on, it is no surprise that the topic of managing whitetails by harvesting coyotes was one of the main subjects of conversation. During one of those conversations a story was told of a university doing a study on a coyote den that housed pups that were too young to gather food on their own. During a two-week span, this study found that one female adult coyote brought 10 fawns back to the den for her pups. Regardless if this “study” was in fact real or just a story handed down, it made me really start thinking about how coyotes impact fawns and the deer population in general. [Read More]

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