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Crossbow Hunting VIDEOS

Crossbow Turkey Hunt 5:01 min.

In this excerpt from the Outdoor Magazine TV show, host Mike Avery is turkey hunting in his home state of Michigan with a Darton Serpent crossbow. The season starts out slow for Mike, but persistence pays off for the veteran hunter.

Two Hogs With One Shot! – Double Crossbow Kill – Hog Hunting Texas 2:27 min.

So many hogs that Keith Warren kills two with one arrow!

Legendary Whitetail Deer Goes Down with Crossbow 3:36 min.

This is the legendary deer known as Pincushion. He is not a giant, but he is the toughest and most allusive deer that has ever roamed this ranch. He was shot twice before in the previous 2 seasons and survived but became very hard to find. Wade finally gets his chance at old Pincushion and makes a great shot with his TenPoint crossbow.

Ravin R15 Crossbow Drops Tennessee Buck 2:29 min.

Brodie Swisher puts the Ravin R15 crossbow to work on Tennessee whitetails.

Tactical Assault Crossbow! PSE TAC15 Upper for the AR15 5:35 min.

This video is for educational purposes and discussion only. Do not attempt to imitate anything contained herein.

Mini Vertical Crossbow! Hickory Creek Archery 9:47 min.

They get smaller, and smaller, and…

How To Make a Reverse Draw Mini Crossbow | Fast Edition 15:41 min.

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