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Crow Hunting VIDEOS

Squirrel/Crow Hunting 2019-20 Seasons Coming Soon, 1:49 min.

NY state small game season opens in just a couple of days and the hunter just wanted to do a little video promo for small game hunting.

Winter Crow Hunting Tips, 1:43 min.

Chasing winter crows keeps the bird-hunting skills sharp—and it’s pretty dang fun too. Here are some basic tips for having a serious crow shoot in the winter.

Crow Hunt, 2:28 min.

If you never knew why they’re called “crows” this should be enough to convince you.

Unluckiest Bird in the World – [Hunting] Ricochet, 2:55 min.

Another lesson in pellet ricochet. This is an even more extreme case than in “the crow” video. It takes so little impact to send air rifle pellets in a completely different direction.

Tom Sykes – Crow Shooting with SHOTKAM in a Layout Blind on Cut Grass, 3:29 min.

Tom Sykes deploys his layout blind to catch up with the canny corvids on the estate.

How I Cook Crow, 2:38 min.

This is my first time cooking and eating crow. This is how I cook crow. *disclaimer; I am not a chef, just a hunter who doesn’t like to waste game. Thanks for watching. Blessings!

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