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The Cruel Fallacy of Constitutional Carry

Thursday, April 20, 2017 — It’s as if, suddenly, dreams were dashed. Out of the box of its own infancy, being able to pack heat without the requirement of a permit had everybody rejoicing. Well, not everybody, but most everybody. Manna from heaven, as one inspired gun owner put it. And to top it all off, a pro-gun congressional majority was actually considering a bill that would make Georgia’s “Guns Everywhere” a national crown jewel for pro-gun conservatives and an anti-gun liberal’s nightmare. But just then the bomb dropped that would nuke their every fantasy. National Reciprocity wouldn’t work for those without a carry permit. WHAT!!!?

Yes, pilgrims, to participate in taking your guns from Wichita to Washington or Newport Beach to New York City you will have to have a permit from your residing state and most of those states require some form of gun training and gun experience.

Constitutional Carry, as it’s called, is, was, would be, should be, the antithesis of every gun control advocate’s emergence from the womb. It preempts defense of search and seizure, for God’s sakes. Maybe even the 1A. The fired gun freely speaks for the beholder. At least that’s what we thought before Democrats were created. Then we awoke to learn sleep was only a pipe dream.

Really, people, if you’re gonna carry a piece around the house…fine. But if you’re headed to a border crossing and reciprocity has been endowed with congressional authority, you’d better make sure you have a CCW, CWP or whatever your state wants to call it. You just can’t call it constitutional if the state you want to carry in has a law that says you can’t…without a permit.

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