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CT – GUN CRIME – Assault rifle, PVC pipe bombs found in man’s room following arrest

A Norwich man was found to have assault rifles and two bombs after being arrested on Sunday. Police were called to a home on Prospect Street in Norwich for the report of an altercation.

Officials said 57-year-old Andrew Cook was arrested following a physical altercation with a roommate. Police said a criminal history check of Cook revealed he was a convicted felon and had prior convictions for illegal weapon possession in 2002 and 2008, as well as an illegal possession of explosives offense in 2002.Information was developed that Cook may have been in possession of firearms, ammunition and ammunition manufacturing tools. Due to his felony convictions, he could not legally possess firearms or ammunition, according to police.

Detectives complete a search and seizure warrant for Cook’s room as well as the basement and garage of the home.During the execution of the warrant, police found a fully-loaded AR-15, several 30 round high-capacity magazines for the assault rifle, additional ammunition, bullets, several hundred rounds of empty shell casings, two PVC pipe bombs, gun powder, and black body armor carrier and protective plates.Cook was arrested on numerous firearms charges as well as assault on a public safety officer.  [full article]

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