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CT – GUN RIGHTS – NSSF educating gun-owning voters

A trade association for the firearms industry has started its election year get out the vote campaign for gun owners. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) holds a #GunVote voter registration and education program every presidential election cycle, according to spokesman Mark Oliva. “We did this four years ago, and we’re doing it again today,” he says. The aim is to ensure that gun owners and those who frequent their local ranges understand what is at stake when they go into the polling place or to fill out their election ballot. The campaign website has information on where people can register to vote, details on absentee and early voting, as well as information on where the 2020 candidates stand on firearms. Democrat Joe Biden’s position that the “Second Amendment does not say you’re ‘entitled’ to own a gun” is featured there. As is the following tweet from President Trump: “Fact – the tighter the gun laws, the more violence. The criminals will always have gun.” Visitors can also find their polling place at the website. “I think we’re facing a pretty stark choice in this election cycle,” says Oliva. “Get out there and make sure that you vote, make sure that your friends have voted, [and] make sure that everyone who is a gun owner and has a stake in this election understands what they are voting for and who is going to be able to safeguard their rights when it comes to their Second Amendment rights.” Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, and Hornady Manufacturing have contributed funding to the #GunVote voter registration and education campaign.  [full article]

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