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CT – HUNTING – DEEP expects busy hunting season due to social distancing amid pandemic (VIDEO)

Need to get outside and social distance? Head into the woods. State environmental officials say hunting is an activity that is getting a lot of attention these days. “Well hunting, along with all the outdoor sports like fishing, hiking, camping etc., it’s really built to be a socially distanced activity,” said Rick Jacobson, Hunting Education Instructor, DEEP. And in the age of social distancing, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is expecting a busy season. “We know that there’s gonna be greater interest. Just like we saw record outdoor activity in the summer, we expect to see similar interest in the winter,” said Tony Russell, Dir. of Comm., DEEP. It all starts with a safety class that you can take mostly online. “Once you get your hunter safety certificate, you’re now eligible to buy a license — that license is your gateway to the hunting experience and it also contributes to giving back to the conservation of our natural resources through the fees you pay going back into managing those conservation resources,” said Jacobson. So we went out into the field to see what a morning hunt is like…“The kind of hunting we typically do here is some sort of bird hunting, the birds like to use these wide open fields like this,” said Jacobson. Bartlett Brook is one of 107 management areas around the state. “This is also one of the easiest kind of hunting for the first time, for the first timer,” said Jacobson. DEEP says hunting also helps population control of animals that prey on species that need a little extra help here in the Northeast.  [full article]

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