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CT – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Treasurer’s plan to divest from the firearms industry doesn’t address real solutions

Connecticut’s Treasurer Shawn Wooden is cashing out for political platitudes at the expense of the state’s taxpayer with his plan to divest state assets from the firearms industry. His desire to score cheap political points by not only blaming the firearms industry for horrifying crimes committed by individuals but also by doubling down on failing fiscal policy shows his ignorance of real solutions. What Treasurer Wooden really wants is to yank $30 million in taxpayer funds from firearms securities, attempt to “name-and-shame” businesses by forcing them to profess state-approved policies for exercising Second Amendment rights and force mandatory adoption of so-called “smart gun” technology that had been pursued and abandoned by the Obama administration because it is technically infeasible. Connecticut’s treasurer said this is necessary because of the “volatility” of an industry that had a national $52.1 billion economic impact, steady growth of 171 percent since 2008, and last year recorded a decade record high in firearm background checks.  [full article]

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