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Mossberg® Introduces New 940™Autoloading Competition Shotgun Platform

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. announced today the introduction of a new 12-gauge autoloading shotgun platform; the 940 JM Pro available in two 10-shot models. The result of two years of development alongside world champion shooters, Jerry and Lena Miculek, the 940 JM Pro is designed to meet the needs of today’s competition shooter with the incorporation of an array of aftermarket modifications and accessories direct from the factory. Using the iconic 930 JM Pro-Series Competition Shotgun as a baseline, the Miculeks worked with Mossberg engineers to identify and help re-design major areas of improvement that included the gas system; loading port; point-of-aim/point-of-impact; overall product fit and functionality; sight system; and choke system.  [full article]

For more information about the new Mossberg 940 JM Pro, or other Mossberg products, visit www.mossberg.com.

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