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CT – OPINION – Democrats fail their constituents on gun violence

This last month has been hard on America. At a time where neighbors of all political stripes should be mourning the loss of innocent lives and assessing what’s gone wrong in our culture, elected Democrats here in Connecticut have instead raised the volume of their divisive rhetoric. The so-called leaders who stood on the steps of the state Capitol recently to pass judgment on their political adversaries through exaggeration, misrepresentation and deception should be ashamed of themselves. In truth, they are the ones guilty of failing their constituents. It shocks me that they claim to have the high moral ground on the subject of gun violence. Each year, they bring forward pointless gun control legislation puffed with political hype. Bills banning bump stocks, ghost guns and so-called assault weapons are designed only as a means to grab political headlines and attack their political adversaries and the law-abiding gun owners who would be the first to stop a deadly attack. Their proposals are ineffectual public policy that ignore the actual problem of stolen and illegal guns in the cities and have zero impact on making any of us safer. In this past legislative session, Democrats had at least three chances to vote to make their constituents safer and help prevent actual gun violence. I offered three amendments to different legislation that could have had a significant impact on gun violence. Democrats turned them all down.  [full article]

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