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DC – COURTS – Supreme Court bucks Second Amendment challenge

The Supreme Court rejected a Second Amendment case Monday as it kicked off its 2020 term. The legal battle arose out of Nebraska, where lawmakers amended criminal law to deny juveniles who are adjudicated of certain crimes the right to possess a firearm until the age of 25. The Supreme Court of Nebraska sided with the state, upholding the law despite critics arguing a juvenile should have the right to a jury trial before a judge denies Second Amendment rights. The high court declined to weigh in on the dispute Monday without comment. Second Amendment advocates, though, have been frustrated with the high court, as it hasn’t ruled on a significant gun rights case in several terms. The justices were expected to weigh in on a gun rights case during the court’s last term, but New York City officials amended its ordinance restricting the carrying of firearms, making the case moot before an opinion was issued.  [full article]

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