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DC – GUN CONTROL – SCOTUS Takes Gun Case That Could Decimate Gun Control Laws. Left-Wing Activists Begin To Panic.

The United States Supreme Court is set to hear its first Second Amendment case in nearly a decade on Monday which has caused panic among left-wing activists who worry that the case could undo their freedom-restricting agenda. The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board slammed Democrats on Sunday for using politically motivated tactics to get the Supreme Court to drop the case. Gun control advocates, who promote an anti-freedom agenda that seeks to restrict constitutionally guaranteed rights, have started to panic about the upcoming case over the possibility that the court could rule in a manner that gives those who want to protect the United States Constitution the legal backing needed to fight against many of the hundreds of anti-gun laws enacted across the country in recent years. Leftist Giffords Law Center litigation director Hannah Shearer said, “The future of life-saving gun safety laws across our country is very directly on the line with this case.”

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, an extreme anti-gun activist who has pumped tens of millions of dollars to anti-gun activists and politicians, tweeted: “The NRA’s latest effort to undermine public safety may be its most absurd yet – and its most dangerous. The Supreme Court must side with the millions of Americans fighting for gun safety and send the NRA packing.”  [full article]

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