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DC – GUN POLITICS – Lawmakers clash over gun prohibition in Natural Resources Committee room

Lawmakers clash over gun prohibition in Natural Resources Committee room. Lawmakers on the House Natural Resources Committee clashed Thursday over a panel rule ensuring that guns are prohibited in its hearing room. An amendment aiming to strip the provision from the rules failed on a 19-25 vote, but not without sharp debate. “This is an enumerated right that American citizens have,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said over Zoom during the virtual hearing with several firearms visible behind her. “Will there be metal detectors installed outside the committee hearing doors? If this is passed, the chairman is trying to take responsibility for my personal safety while stripping away my Second Amendment rights,” Boebert added, referring to the rules package. But Democrats argued that they might feel unsafe if their colleagues bring guns into the room. “If somebody wants to have a shrine to their gun fetish as a Zoom backdrop in their private life, they can do that. But this is our hearing room,” Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) said. “I think it’s necessary, not only appropriate, but necessary that we lay down these ground rules that whatever your fetishes or feelings are about guns, you’re not going to bring them into our committee room. You don’t need them there for your own safety. Many of us feel like it threatens our safety,” Huffman added. Under existing Capitol Police regulations, members of Congress are exempt from the blanket prohibition on firearms anywhere in the Capitol complex.  [full article]

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