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DC – GUN POLITICS – NRA’s 2020 Spending Dwarfs Gun-Control Groups’

The National Rifle Association is outspending its gun-control rivals—despite only matching about half of its 2016 spending. The pro-Second Amendment group said Tuesday that its political arm has spent $22.4 million in federal elections. While that’s down from about $42 million at this point in 2016, it’s still more than the three largest gun-control groups’ spending amounts combined, according to Federal Election Commission records. If the NRA is able to turn those dollars into votes, it could help Republicans hold onto the presidency and Senate. The group told the Washington Free Beacon that it can activate gun voters and help flip close races. “Gun owners are smart, and a highly engaged electorate,” NRA spokeswoman Amy Hunter said. “They vote their values. The NRA will continue to fight—as we always have—on their behalf.” The NRA is spending a majority of its money on the presidential election, in which it supports President Donald Trump and opposes Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In addition, the NRA has spent at least $5 million targeting key Senate races in such swing states as North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia. And, in the House, it has spent more than $330,000 to help reelect congressman Mike Kelly (R.), who represents Pennsylvania’s 16th district.  [full article]

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