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DC – GUN RIGHTS – 1st Supreme Court Gun-Rights Battle In 10 Years May Transform Legal Landscape

Retired NYC bus driver Efrain Alvarez is one of the three individuals joining the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association to challenge this law. “If a bad apple grabs a gun and he does something stupid, it kind of falls on me because I’m part of what’s going on,” said Alvarez in an interview with Reuters. In that same interview, he said he admires the NRA but sometimes disagrees with their policies. Alvarez has had his handgun license suspended twice in the past decade. Most recently the city confiscated 45 firearms, including five handguns, from a steel vault in his back bedroom. But he likely will get them back, as he says has accepted a plea deal from the Bronx district attorney that would to drop the most recent charge against him if he is not arrested for six months. None of this is actually related to the current Supreme Court case. The 64-year-old bus driver is a gun enthusiast and hunter who told Reuters that he joined the lawsuit because he thought it was ridiculous that he could own a handgun but not be able to travel with it to compete. Lawyers for Alvarez and the lawyers on the other side know that if the Supreme Court rules on the merits of the now defunct regulations, it will be a very big deal for one simple reason: It will be only the third decision on gun rights in modern times, and it will inevitably lay down some new guidelines for lower courts to follow when gun regulations are challenged.  [full article]

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