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DC – GUN RIGHTS – President Trump opens up online access to 3D-printed guns

The Trump Administration changed who has control over small guns and ammunition exports earlier this year. The federal rule change will relax gun laws that have previously prevented 3D-printed gun blueprints from being available online. Austin resident Cody Wilson tried to make his blueprints for the first plastic 3D-printed gun available for everyone on his website Defense Distributed in 2013. After over 20,000 people downloaded the blueprints, the State Department blocked the plans from the internet twice. He’s been fighting to get them back online since. Now Trump has given control to the Commerce Department, meaning anyone can apply to post 3D-printed gun plans online, according to the Texas Tribune. It’s a move that will potentially increase the numbers of guns in circulation in the United States. The Harvard Injury Control Research Center tracks the rate of homicide in relation to gun access. In states with more guns, homicide rates were higher among citizens and police. As availability extends to anyone with internet access and a low-grade 3D printer, here’s everything you need to know about 3D-printed guns:  [full article]

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