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DC – SELF-PROTECTION – AOC Slams Republicans for Playing Victim While Posting Images With Guns Next to Dems 

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has criticized Republicans in Congress for complaining about the new House metal detectors, noting that at least one Republican has previously posted an image of themselves holding a gun next to Democrats. The metal detectors were installed on Tuesday following last Wednesday’s insurrection by President Donald Trump’s supporters at the Capitol. House Democrats have said they no longer felt safe among their pro-Trump Republican colleagues following the insurrection. “It’s almost as though GOP members promoting videos of themselves illegally carrying firearms on Capitol grounds, posting images of themselves holding guns next to Democratic members, & inciting an attack on the Capitol has consequences! Naturally, GOP are crying & playing victim,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Tuesday. Laws forbid legislators from carrying loaded firearms anywhere in the capitol except for their office. No one except law enforcement is allowed to carry a gun, whether loaded or unloaded, in the House Chamber. In a Tuesday afternoon announcement, acting House Sergeant-At-Arms Timothy Blodgett told House members that anyone entering the lower chamber would have to undergo additional screening measures and would be prohibited from entering if they refused screening or were found carrying a prohibited item, such as a gun.  [full article]

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