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DC – SELF-PROTECTION – Avowed Trump supporter arrested near Capitol for carrying gun; woman charged with impersonating police

A 22-year-old Virginia man whose Facebook page features a photo from the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol was arrested near the Capitol complex Sunday, and police said he was carrying three high-capacity magazines, 37 rounds of unregistered ammunition and a Glock 22 firearm. The arrest of Guy Berry of Gordonsville, Va., was reported by D.C. police and confirmed by his aunt, who said she was his primary caregiver when he was a child and who asked not to be named to protect her privacy. The aunt said she saw Berry on Jan. 6 and knows he was not at the Capitol that day, when a mob of supporters of President Trump forced their way into the building to try to stop the certification of his election defeat. “He’s one of those open-carry people,” the aunt said, adding that she and her nephew disagreed over both politics and his decision to carry a firearm. “I keep telling him Black men can’t walk around with guns on his hip, but he doesn’t believe me,” she said. She said she received a voice-mail message from him early Sunday saying he had been arrested but had not yet spoken with him. Also this weekend, U.S. Capitol Police arrested a woman accused of impersonating a police officer, stopping her at a security checkpoint in place for Wednesday’s inauguration. A valid security credential is needed to enter the sprawling and unprecedented security zone, with many checkpoints in place. Police said Berry was walking just after midnight Sunday on the 200 block of Massachusetts Avenue NE with a firearm “clearly visible” in a holster. He was stopped near a police checkpoint, and officers concluded he was not permitted to carry a handgun in the District.  [full article]

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