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DC – SELF-PROTECTION – Capitol Riots Prove Lauren Boebert Is Exactly Right To Carry In Congress

Freshman GOP Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert sparked outrage this week after publishing a viral ad vowing to pack her firearm to Capitol Hill. “I walk to my office every morning by myself, so as a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound woman, I choose to protect myself legally, because I am my best security,” Boebert said in the ad released last weekend. After the remarkable police failure to protect the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday, Boebert’s point was well proven. Capitol police began ordering evacuations of the House office buildings Wednesday afternoon as rioters breached the Capitol barriers, eventually flooding the complex. Some members barricaded themselves in offices located within buildings that weren’t subject to evacuation, while members on the chamber floor were instructed to lie down and don gas masks as agents stood at the doors with their weapons drawn. Several hid in the House Gallery. The stunning display of militant lawlessness overwhelming congressional security at the seat of the nation’s government could not provide better vindication for Boebert’s decision to carry in the Capitol. Yet she was mocked by gun-control advocates for daring to exercise her Second Amendment right to self-protection. Democrats launched an effort to ban firearms carried by members of Congress in December after Boebert first approached Capitol Police over gun guidelines at new member orientation. About two-dozen Democrats, according to The Hill, sought to strike a 1967 exemption from D.C. gun laws permitting lawmakers to carry. Although the effort ultimately failed, the D.C. chief of police issued a warning to Boebert if the freshman congresswoman, who leapt into the political arena with a brand tied to gun-rights, followed through on her promise to bring her Glock to the Capitol.  [full article]


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