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DC – SELF-PROTECTION – House members to face gun check after Rep. Cawthorn says he was armed during Capitol riot 

U.S. Representatives are now supposed to face a gun check before going on the House floor, a change that comes a week after the violent Capitol takeover by pro-Trump mob. It also follows statements by Western North Carolina’s congressman Madison Cawthorn that he was “armed” during the Jan. 6 storming that ended with two killed as well as three dead from other causes. Timothy Blodgett, the House’s acting Sergent at Arms – the chamber’s top law enforcement official in charge of lawmaker safety – sent a memo to members of Congress about the installation starting Jan. 12 of several magnetometers, a type of metal detector that is commonly used in airports, outside “selected entrances to the Chamber,” Blodgett said. “To ensure compliance with the Capitol Police Board regulations concerning firearms and incendiary devices, as well as to provide a safe and secure environment in which to conduct legislative business, effective immediately, all persons, including Members, are required to undergo security screening when entering the House Chamber,” Blodgett wrote. He added that those who refuse to go through screening, would not be permitted access to the House floor. In the memo, Blodgett also reminded lawmakers that firearms are not allowed to leave a member’s office and lawmakers are “required to wear masks when entering and while in the chamber.” He added that those not wearing a face covering, “will not be admitted to the Floor and Members who fail to wear a mask will be removed from the Floor.”  [full article]

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