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DC – SELF-PROTECTION – Republican congresswoman vows to carry a firearm after Capitol siege (VIDEO)

Rep. Nancy Mace says she will carry a firearm on Capitol Hill if permitted after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol. “When I am able, with a permit, to concealed carry then I will be carrying. … I will not be put in that situation again,” she said in an interview with WJCL. Mace, a freshman Republican from South Carolina, applied for a concealed carry license in Washington, D.C., a week before the Capitol was breached on Wednesday. “The only line of defense we had between the violet mob and members of Congress were the Capitol Hill Police. It was clear they were overrun: There were thousands of people trying to overrun the capital,” the lawmaker said. “We didn’t have a way to protect ourselves; we didn’t have security on us; we didn’t have firearms protecting us.” Mace, who has been subject to death threats over her refusal to challenge the counting of the Electoral College votes, would join Rep. Lauren Boebert, a fellow freshman, in carrying a weapon on Capitol Hill. Boebert released an ad on Jan. 3, days before the attack on the Capitol, outlining her decision to carry a weapon in an online ad. Boebert explained that because she is not entitled to security as a member of Congress, she would protect herself legally because she is her own “best security.”  [full article]

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