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DC – SHOOTING SPORTS – TAKING AIM: DC Project: Women of 50 States

Dianna Muller may not see herself as such, but she is a shaker and a doer. When confronted with a challenge and an opportunity to answer it, she acts. That is precisely what led to her becoming the founder of the DC Project. “The DC Project is an educational, non-partisan initiative to encourage women to establish relationships with their legislators, and reveal the faces and stories of real firearm owners and Second Amendment supporters,” Muller said. A 22-year veteran of law enforcement in Tulsa, Muller has seen the carnage and violence resulting from wrongful use of firearms. Yet she is staunchly in support of gun ownership and training – especially by women. A competitor who just happens to be an NRA World Champion shooter, she was with her husband, Ryan – also a professional shooter – in the Washington, DC, area in 2014. Some spare time led to a meeting with Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell. As quoted to reporter and freelancer Elizabeth McBride, Muller recalled: “I agreed with zero interest in being the advocate I’ve become! It was during that meeting that I asked, ‘Is there something we (pro shooters) should be doing to reach out and educate our legislators?’” Thus, the DC Project was born: Muller saw a challenge and an opportunity and rose to action. Today, the Project brings one woman shooter from every state for meetings with U.S. legislators to discuss their concerns about firearm ownership and the Second Amendment. These meetings focus on two-fold conversations. First, they make the point that gun owners and our gun culture have been demonized. Secondly, they note that it is possible and important for people who don’t agree politically to engage in constructive dialogue.

Muller believes that the Second Amendment, as currently interpreted, is something nigh to sacred. “The Second Amendment is responsible for our security and our success,” she said. “Some people in Congress buy into the false narrative that if there were no guns, there would be no crime. Restrictions on gun ownership would not make good people safer. Gun ownership does.”  [full article]

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