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Deer Calls for Rattling in Bucks During the Rut

BONE COLLECTOR.COM From the Archives – November marks the unofficial start to the rut in many parts of the country. Deer hunters build anticipation all year long for these few weeks. Deer hunting the rut gives you a chance at scoring a mature whitetail that may only have been seen on the occasional Bushnell trail camera photo. A buck’s primal instincts kick in full force in the early weeks of November, which has these heavyweights coming out of the shadows. With the right deer calls, you may very well be able to get one into bow range. Rattling in bucks is one of the most productive calls for deer you can have in your arsenal during the rut. Deer calling with a set of antlers or a rattle bag to mimic the sound of two bucks in conflict can work throughout the course of a hunting season.  [full article]

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