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Deer Fawn VIDEOS

Amazing Deer giving birth to twin fawns, 5:17 min.

The continuing miracle of birth is caught on camera.

New born deer  1:34 min.

Finding your legs and trying to make them move.

Young Fawn Hiding In The Grass  3:48 min.

Always hungry, new born fawn call for mother’s feeding.

Twin fawns minutes after birth  5:19 min.

 Mom isn’t far away after she gives birth in the backyard.

Loggers Rescue Fawn!!  3:54 min.

While Paul was pulling wood in the Cat 535D Skidder he saw a fawn run under a bundle of aspen. So we went to rescue the fawn and remove it from underneath the bundle so it wouldn’t get injured. When it was all over it let out a scream for its mom.

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