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Deer Hunting Strategies VIDEOS

How To Call Deer In Early Season, Eddie Salter, 1:17 min.

Hunters Specialties Pro Staffer and World Champion game caller and hunter Eddie Salter describes how to call deer during the early whitetail hunting season.

Deer Rattling Tips Early Season, 1:30 min.

Rattle a trophy buck into range with this! Better than the real thing! The Illusion Black Rack Deer Rattling System is more effective than other methods, including using real shed antlers.

Mule Deer Stalk through the Sagebrush, 4:06 min.

Saw this guy the first night we were there but did not get a good look. Kept an eye out and saw him the next night. Stalking ensues.

Early Season Success Strategies, 3:32 min.

Join us as we focus on ways to maximize the earliest part of the season. Often times this can be the best opportunity to harvest a big mature whitetail, for several reasons; sometimes the buck are still in their summer feeding patterns in the early evenings, the deer haven’t received any pressure so that can be somewhat predictable and this is also a great opportunity to take advantages of nearby water sources as the temps can still be high.

Bullet Hole Antler Buck – Montana, 3:42 min.

There is never a point in hunting where you stop learning. I learned a hard lesson of making sure a deer that I shot, was for certain dead. The deer was not dead and I bumped the wounded deer and could not find him before the daylight faded. The next morning we went in to look for the injured deer. After hours of hiking and glassing, I found the buck and put him to rest. In the process I somehow blew a hole through his antler!

Hunting Big Sagebrush Mule Deer, 3:30 min.

Hunting for trophy-quality mule deer has become more difficult in recent years. Mike Eastman has this tip for hunters still searching for that remarkable buck to call their own.

Big 6×7 California muley hits the dirt! 16:49 min.

Not an easy hunt in rough brush. Might not be the best shot in the hunting world but these guys do a good job of dressing and packing out the meat.

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