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Deer Hunting VIDEOS

Connected – A Mule Deer Hunting Film, 9:51 min.

Public land mule deer hunting can be challenging. Brad picked up where he left off last season through scouting, trail cameras, glassing, archery hunting and finally the rifle hunt and came to understand even more that everything is connected.

Deer Hunting In The Rain, 3:00 min.

The great thing about rainy weather is that it eventually stops.The longer, more intense and wicked the weather is, the more of a deer hunting opportunity that is created for you. By focusing on either the breaks in the rain storm or the actual end of the rainy weather all-together, the process of deer hunting in the rain can turn from miserable to highly rewarding.

Deer Meat for dinner ‘afternoon snack’, 2:00 min.

Robert Arrington, trims out a couple fresh whitetail tenderloins and improvises by rolling the seasoned meat in Cheesy biscuit batter instead of flour…the results are DELICIOUS!!! quick n’ easy…

Jon Lampshire’s Idaho Mule Deer Hunt, 3:57 min.

After a long hunt Jon and Doug glass a great four point mule deer. Watch as the stalk begins, up the steep mountain side of the Saw Tooth Mountains.

Legendary Whitetail Deer Goes Down with Crossbow, 3:36 min.

This is the legendary deer known as Pincushion. He is not a giant, but he is the toughest and most allusive deer that has ever roamed this ranch. He was shot twice before in the previous 2 seasons and survived but became very hard to find. Wade finally gets his chance at old Pincushion and makes a great shot with his TenPoint crossbow and the rest is history.

Kentucky Trophy Deer Hunting, 3:27 min.

Located in the rolling hills of Western Kentucky, Kentucky Trophy Deer LLC is a family owned and operated business that specializes in trophy whitetail deer.

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