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Deer Hunting with Turkey Decoys? (VIDEO)

REALTREE.COM From the Archives – Looking to fill an early season doe tag? Do you have a fall turkey archery tag in your pocket too? Assuming it’s legal where you live, should you hunt deer with turkey decoys? Hunter numbers show whitetails are the top hunted species in the country and an easy favorite for many. Turkey hunting places a consistent second. You may love whitetails, sure…but a lot of you deer hunters also chase spring turkeys. I bet you don’t care for deer then.

Here’s Why – Whatever it is about turkey decoys, a lot of deer seem to love them. Maybe they associate the presence of turkeys – fake or not – with a food source. Maybe they’re just curious by nature. I’ve often thought turkey decoys would be a great way to decoy deer in the fall. It seems to pull deer in close wherever I hunt spring gobblers. Here’s just one of many stories. [Read More]

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