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Deer Scouting 101

REALTREE.COM From the Archives – Summer may just be in its halftime, but now is the time you should be starting your fall scouting for whitetails. A lot is happening in the deer woods that you should be checking up on. First and foremost, the deer are easy to spot now. Even in heavy cover their reddish summer coat is not hard to detect making that initial sighting easy. Secondly, if you are an early season hunter, the kind of fellow who refuses to miss opening day of bow season, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the patterns that the deer are displaying now are very similar to that of the opener. And, of course, the more you know about an individual deer or even a section of land, the more successful you will be when the time comes. Just like the fall, deer will be more active in the early and late hours of the day. Meaning, of course, that you should be scouting at these times. That’s right, get up early, stay out late.  [full article]

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