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Defense Distributed Now the ITunes of Downloadable Guns

Bob Rogers

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – The panic from the Left over Cody Wilson’s irascible determination to buck the gun control system right along with his unwavering adherence to free speech is remarkable for its misconstruction of understanding the practical meaning of both the First and the Second Amendments to the Constitution. On the one hand, liberals vehemently defend their right to say or publish anything they want but deny the same thing to their political opposition while, on the other, want to rip the right to use guns from law abiding firearms advocates while distancing themselves from criminal behavior that threatens us all.

Enlisting judges to determine the veracity of their intentions, Lefties assume so-called workarounds of current law will bolster their convictions that only they have rights. All others need not apply. Wilson, it seems, easily breaks those clay pigeons with considerable accuracy. Initially, he developed diagrams for 3D printing of plastic pistols.  He followed up – upon considerable unexpected interest – with drawings of AR-15 lowers. Alarms went off like bottle rockets when without much factual evidence political wingers headed for the “what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about” media which, smelling something besides a story, rushed to their ink barrels and headset mics to tell the world that the apocalypse had arrived. Lawyers smelled green and rushed their clients’ cases to the nearest judicial bench with a plea for justice and demands to stop Wilson from creating anarchical defense of the Bill of Rights.

The courts prevailed. Wilson complied. At first. Then he switched strategies; he’d sue the government. Surprise! He won. The government – in the guise of the State Department – caved and Wilson went ahead with his plan to use the internet to spread the gospel of free speech. Chuck Schumer screamed:  “Stop!” He reasoned that 3D printed guns without serial numbers would flood the streets of America. More judges intervened at the 11th hour.  Wilson complied. The Left smiled. Then Wilson decided if he couldn’t publish the gun blueprints world wide on the ‘net, he’d give them away. No charge. Just go to his website, https://defdist.org/, and place your order.

Declaring that he’s “happy to now become the ITunes of downloadable guns,” Wilson’s determination to piss off the Left seems unyielding. Hooray for him. We like his music.

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