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IL – SELF-PROTECTION – Demand For Guns, Private Security Spikes Dramatically Amid Unrest In Chicago, Around Country (VIDEO)

CBS CHICAGO.COM June 3, 2020 – Guns are flying off the shelves right now. Sales have been spiking across the country, with people looking to protect themselves and their property because of the unrest, violence, and damage we’ve seen for days following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. But CBS 2’s Tara Molina reported Wednesday night, it’s not just gun sales that are up. With many concerned about safety right now, requests for short-term, armed private security are up, and we’re told more people are working to get concealed carry licenses. “We have had mass hysteria,” said Anthony Colonna of the Article II Gun Shop and Range. The empty glass shelves and spaces on the wall tell the story. “We actually had to hold people outside,” Colonna said. Colonna, the manager of the Lombard gun shop and range, told us people of all walks of life are traveling there from all over the area to get their hands on a gun – any gun. “People are coming in, ‘I don’t have this one.’ They’re like, ‘Hey, I’ll take the next one down the line,’ not really caring what it is,” Colonna said. “Just something to protect themselves.” He said the concerns Article II Gun Shop and Range has heard are related to images from over the weekend and into this week – of violence, destruction, and looting. Those images are behind nonstop calls for immediate private armed security. “Private businesses, mom-and-pop shops, hair salons, churches,” said Rudy Medrano of RM Global Security. And we’re told it’s at a premium right now.  [full article]

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