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Democrats call for stricter gun control mere hours after shooting at California high school (VIDEOS)

WASHINGTON EXAMINER.COM November 14, 2019 –  Less than an hour after news of a mass shooting at a high school in Southern California broke on Thursday, Democratic candidates for president and other lawmakers were calling for stricter gun control laws.

“The obvious point is that part of what we all have to say is enough is enough, and we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country,” California Sen. Kamala Harris said on CNN as live pictures of the active shooting investigation played on the screen. “Stop with the nonsense.”

Authorities in Santa Clarita, California, said the shooting occurred on the sprawling campus just north of Los Angeles just before the school day began at Saugus High School. At least one student is dead, and several others were reported injured, police said. The suspect suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was taken into police custody.

Police have not released any information regarding the weapon that was used or a possible motive.

“We don’t yet have all the details of the horrifying events in Santa Clarita,” South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted as the events unfolded. “But we do know that in America today, children are scared to go to school. Parents and teachers are terrified. And that can’t stand.”

Harris and Buttigieg are not the only public figures to have weighed in on the shooting before authorities have laid out the facts of the case.

“To me, it just says with complete and utter clarity, we don’t have a choice but to flip the Senate and to get somebody in the White House who is going to make this a priority,” said former Rep. Katie Hill, a California Democrat who graduated from Saugus High School in 2004. “So, regardless of your other political beliefs, if you think that the safety of our kids matter, then that’s to me what needs to get you to the polls.” [Read More]

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