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Dogging It

Dogging It

Like most hunters that own dogs primarily for pointing and/or retrieving birds we just shot, a typical pointer and/or retriever sits at the top of the …ahem…dog pile. That’s because we have preconceived notions based upon what we’ve seen other hunters like which allows us such easy choices as…two: pointers and flushers. How original, right?  Both canine breeds retrieve so the differences then generally dwell down to which breed also makes a good family pet.

But – hang on there, Horatio! There are more family canines out there than hunting dogs, right? Nope. There’s lots of others that hunt and we’ve taken it upon ourselves this weekend to just tip our cowboy hat to one canine commoner, the pointer, but then shift into other breeds specifically trained for some very different hunting chores. So hold your bark and check out these that we found in the archives of…

Pheasant Hunting with German Shorthaired Pointer, 3:08 min.

Pheasant Hunting with 3 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer.

Duck Hunting Dog, Amazing Retrieve, 1:30

Mackinaw is a special dog and we are blessed to be owned by him. This 8 year-old Labrador retriever has never ceased to amaze us.

Louter Creek Hunting Poodles, 3:02 min.

Annual tower shoot with Reba, Whiskey, Clapton, & Diana at Beaver Pond Farm in GA.

Pig dogs in action, Wild boar feral pig hunting, 0:46 sec.

Pit Bull x Catahoula runs down fast wild boar!

Rabbit hunting with Greyhounds, 2:05 min

No need to say “fetch” with these dogs.

Ruby, a Golden Retriever, shows her ‘never give up’ qualities, 2:57 min.

A determined dog and an equally determined dove march wits in a swimfest.

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