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If you vote your way into tyranny, you end up having to shoot your way out.

Shelby Murdoc

One of my favorite analogies to make when it comes to the media and their predictions is asking about a weatherman on TV who has been wrong almost every single day for the past five years. “He hasn’t been right for as long as you remember, so why would you panic about your umbrella if he told you it was going to rain tomorrow?”

This is what the all the doomsday predictions are like. Climate change will destroy the planet within 12 years, but no one bothers pointing out that the same prediction has been made every year since the early 1970s.

Killing a Iranian terrorist general is going to start World War III, but the war with Iran has been going on since the late 1970s and the worry about a new draft sort of petered out after a day or two.

Concealed carry will make the streets run red with blood and there will be daily gunfights over parking spots at the grocery store, but nobody mentions that concealed carry has been legal in many places for decades without any of that happening.

Same thing with predictions about guns on campus, concentration camps for homosexuals after Trump’s election, nuclear war with North Korea, and a good Star Wars sequel.

However, there is one category of weatherman who seems to be right with regular consistency, and that’s the weatherman predicting new gun control laws if Democrats get elected. Donald Trump—admittedly not the most pro-gun politician ever to hold office—might not do everything gun owners want, but if Democrats get a handle on power, they can definitely be counted on to advance their anti-gun agenda immediately and, unfortunately, effectively. For example, tomorrow it’s going to rain in Virginia.

All of the hype and hand-wringing and alarmist prognostication about the coming tyranny in the Commonweath appears to be spot-on. Keep in mind that everything up until now has been taking place before the newly-elected Democrats take over things in the state. The rhetoric, the plans for a gun-grabbing special police force, the sanctuary counties, the jokes about a Virginia Boogaloo…all of that is in anticipation. The actual excitement begins with the start of the new political year.

It’s a lesson that voters across the country need to learn and learn fast. If you put Democrats in power, the Democrats will not hesitate to trample your basic human rights. Another lesson that needs to be learned and learned fast is that not all American voters support basic human rights, and they will not hesitate to vote for a government that will trample on rights that they oppose.

Immediately upon reconvening, the new Virginia legislature banned all firearms within any building on Richmond’s Capitol Square. It took less than 48 hours for the first new restrictions to be put into place. Legislators are quick to point to the Virginia Beach shooting last May as proof of the importance of increased gun control, but they conveniently ignore the fact that guns were already not permitted in the building where the shooting took place and that one of the victims, Kate Nixon, reportedly felt threatened enough by the shooting to consider taking a gun for protection despite the policy and, as a direct result of complying with the no-gun rules, died along with eleven other victims.

As I’ve been noting over the past couple of years, the masks are coming off in the battle over the right to keep and bear arms. The Heller and McDonald decisions eliminated a lot of the legal wriggle room used to advantage by anti-gun efforts and they have had to become much more direct. No more “no one wants to take your guns” and a lot more “hell, yes, we’re going to take your guns.” While, in the long run, this will work to the advantage of gun owners, the battle will be ugly and the near-term situation will get worse before it gets better, in large part because the gun grabbers now feel the need to act openly and quickly.

Next up in Virginia, apparently, is a prohibition on indoor shooting ranges not owned by the state or federal government, and a list of all users at the ranges that remain in operation in order to start building a list of gun owners. And it’s not just the freedom to keep and bear arms that’s under attack in the state as the Democrat Attorney General is reintroducing bills to greatly increase the strength and scope of hate crime laws. Those proposals have failed repeatedly, but he now feels, with new Democratic control in the state, that they’ll finally become law.

One of the proposed laws will prohibit anyone ever convicted of a hate crime from ever owning a gun. Which is convenient when hate crimes are determined by feelings and opinions. It’s like the massive push for gun bans for the “mentally ill,” when the mental illnesses are vague and easily manipulated. Such as when senior citizens asking for help from a financial advisor were deemed mentally unfit to keep and bear arms under the Obama administration.

Doomsday predictions are usually wrong. Often ridiculously wrong. Remember when Oprah Winfrey said that 20% of America could be dead from AIDS by 1990? But predictions of doomsday for the right to keep and bear arms under uncontested Democratic power have not been wrong in the past, and we are seeing that the Democrats are accelerating their strategy today.

The best way to keep Democrats from using uncontested power to stomp our rights is to keep Democrats from getting uncontested power. They say, “If you vote your way into tyranny, you end up having to shoot your way out.” Plan A sounds like a better route.

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