The Do’s and Don’ts of Concealed Carry

Weekend, March 18-19, 2017 — Are you prepared to use the gun you’re carrying concealed when someone with illegal intentions decides you’re a potential victim for a robbery or a rape?  Have you trained properly with a qualified instructor, or have you just relied on a family member or friend to show you the ins and outs of surviving an armed felony? As concealed carry spreads throughout America, and now we are on the cusp of reciprocity where you can travel armed through any state (unless Congress decides that you must follow rules of certain states that may prohibit reciprocity regardless of the federal law), are you prepared to find yourself in an unfamiliar place where you could be attacked at any time without warning? What do you do in a potential life-or-death emergency?

That’s the situation most people will face as they carry concealed guns into neighborhoods with which they are unfamiliar, neighborhoods that are ripe with gangbangers who look for easy victims from whom they can steal money, phones, credit cards, ATM cards and do so sticking a gun to your head. If you’ve had no training, the best advice is to either get it or don’t carry. You may be putting yourself or others in serious danger like this.

It’s easy to advise a newby gun-someone about the rights and wrongs of concealed carry, but to not heed good advice – and many carriers who feel they’ll do it “later” when time permits may well find that time has run out – is a prescription for an early grave. One of the many websites that talk about concealed carry situations is Active Self Protection, produced and hosted by John Correia, a former Naval Officer, senior pastor at the West Greenway Bible Church in Glendale, Arizona, and also a fully qualified National Rifle Association firearms instructor.  His YouTube videos have reached tens of thousands of people who have decided to carry concealed for self-protection. The following examples provide evidence of what to do, when to do it, and how to react should you find yourself in a similar predicament like those you’ll see in this week’s presentation of…

Road Rage Stopped Perfectly by Armed Motorist | Active Self Protection, 4:15 min.

Avi Russo, a volunteer policeman, PERFECTLY stopped this road rage. I think he let the other driver (Amir Schade) off really easy, don’t you?

Concealed Carrier Loses His Life Trying to Stop Mass Shooting, 4:10 min.

Concealed Carrier THOUGHT He Stopped the Threat, 3:37 min.

Corrections Officer Shows How Tricky Shooting Backstop Can Be, 3:37 min.

Armed Defender Ruins Carjacker’s Day, 3:27 min.

Mugger Wants Valuables, Gets Shot Instead, 2:51 min.

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