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Dove-hunting can be challenging fun

DENVER POST.COM – With a cruising speed of 45 mph and possessing as much elusiveness as a bat, doves are among North America’s most challenging targets for hunters. On average, it takes seven shots to make one successful hit, which explains why the usually warm-weather, wing-shooting sport is a shell-maker’s dream. And because the small birds are so plentiful, flurries of multiple chances account for much of the fun. It’s like shooting rapid-fire clay targets, only honing your skills with a 12-gauge, 16-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun is so much more enjoyable when a tasty dinner is at stake. “It’s an underappreciated sport for people that don’t participate,” said Mark Ryan, a dove hunter from Highlands Ranch. “It’s great to be outdoors and a great parent-child activity and bonding experience.”  [full article]

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