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Dove Hunting VIDEOS

Dove Hunting Tips and Tricks  4:51 min.

It was opening day of Dove Season and the Americana Outdoors staff hit the field and shows you some tips and tricks on how to make your next dove hunting trip a success!

Hunting Doves with Randy Newberg in Yuma Arizona – Opening Day  3:50 min.

Hunting doves with Randy Newberg takes us to Yuma Arizona for opening morning. The white wing doves are in great supply. Even a person with Randy’s modest shooting talents should have a limit.

Youth Dove Hunt  3:31 min.

Each year, the Missouri Dept. of Conservation holds clinics and youth dove hunts at various locations throughout the state. These special hunts provide a safe and structured learning opportunity for many first-time hunters.

Dove hunting season begins with extended timeline  2:09 min.

More than a quarter of a million hunters are marking the first day of dove hunting season in Texas.

Argentina dove hunting 2018  1:29 min.

Hunting doves down under puts hunters into hundreds of mourning and whitewing doves.

Dove hunting in Kansas!  2:34 min.

Dove hunting in Kansas is amazing! Doves so thick you would think we were in Argentina!!!!

And you’ve seen it before but we just can’t let go without first checking in with America’s premier bowhunting dove hunter, Tim Wells:

The dove bow hunter   3:27 min.

If you’ve never watched doves being shot from flight, you gotta see this. Amazing shooting unlike anyone has ever seen. All done with a bow. Like Tim Wells Facebook page and help him protect our 2nd amendment rights!!

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