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Doves With Prickly Pear BBQ Sauce

HONEST-FOOD.NET From the Archives – I had hardly loaded my shotgun when I heard someone to my left shout, “Here they come!”

By the time I turned my head to look, a flock of 30 doves roared over the treeline behind us, dodging and zig-zagging like fighter jets coming in for an attack. The guys to my left let loose on them in a barrage of anti-aircraft fire, but only one dove went down. The rest settled into a field of dead sunflowers and began pecking away.

This was 2011, and at the time I’d never seen anything like it, at least not in person. So many doves. The flight looked like those films you see of the legendary Argentina dove hunts, where shooters can kill hundreds of doves in a day and the shooting is so furious you need two guns to prevent them from overheating.

So this is what it was all about. This was a bona fide south Texas dove hunt. I was in awe.

Dove hunting is a Labor Day tradition in the warm-weather states, and from California to Virginia it marks the customary start to the hunting year. Holly and I hunt mourning doves as much as we can, and we’ve had our good days. But nothing like this. Our doves come in singles and pairs, not huge flocks. As I stood there, sweating in the 106°F heat, so many birds buzzed around me I felt overwhelmed, frozen. [full article]

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