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Duck Hunting VIDEOS

GoPro Family Traditions (Duck Hunt) 6:01 min.

Family and friends together for the last week of the Arkansas duck season.

YETI Presents Dr. Duck 7:55 min.

Dr. Duck was the name Dennis Loosier was given by his hunting buddies for the 365 days a year he devotes to duck hunting in Texas.

Cross Trail Outfitters – Youth Duck Hunt 7:10 min.

Cross Trail Outfitters is a Christian youth hunting and fishing club for youth ages 7 to 20. We pass along our American outdoor heritage while teaching lessons about life, maturity and faith. Watch as a group of young men experience their first duck hunt.

Youth Duck Hunting 2015 Wood Ducks 5:23 min.

Hunting for Woodies in Wisconsin.

Youth Duck Hunt 2015 2:58 min.

A good friend of mine and his son have an action packed weekend going after wood ducks in Southern Michigan. Early mornings and hard work paid off and Ethan shot his first duck! A hen woody!

A Tribute to Dogs 1:50 min.

A tribute to the dogs that make our hunting trips easier and our daily lives more enjoyable. Their loyalty, devotion and unceasing love are qualities worthy of great honor.

How To Introduce A Duck Dog To Water: Training A Retriever To Be A Hunting Dog 3:46 min.

How To Introduce Your Duck Dog To Water is a simple, but critical feat. A duck dog has a life built around the idea of water, and how you go about training a duck dog puppy to love the game of retrieving makes all the difference in waterfowl hunting.

Mallard Whackin’ Good Time – Gettin’ the Kids Involved 9:52 min.

Harvey’s Duck Club and Echo Calls is dedicated to getting young hunters involved in the outdoors and carrying on a tradition that so many of us love. This group of young men and women are in for one exceptional hunt that their parents will remember forever.

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