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Duck Hunting VIDEOS

Black Lab Talking About Texas Duck Hunting, 1:30 min

If you think dogs can’t talk, they’ll sooner or later give you their opinion.

X River Duck Hunting, 2:36 min.

As winter sets in, duck hunters turn to field hunting and any open water source they can find. One of the last remaining water sources available once temperatures plummet is a river.

TK and Mike, Waterfowl Widow Maker, 1:43 min.

For all those times when you need something that will reach the ducks that are flying a little higher.

When the Ducks in Arkansas Just Aren’t Flying, 0:54 sec.

Some days ducks might want to sleep in so you need to wake them up.

Duck Hunting for Mallards – Gunning For Green, 7:38 min.

Duck hunting for Mallards is a passion of many public land hunters across the United States. In this story we hear about the things that bring us together in a duck blind and the waters of migrating waterfowl.

Chasing Dreams: South Carolina Duck Hunting, 3:46 min.

We headed down to Toney Creek Plantation with the Chasing Dreams Outdoors crew to find some mallards and we sure did that!!

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