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Education and the Bloomberg Curriculum

The Liberal Mindset is a Thing to Behold

Bob Rogers

Thursday, September 13, 2018 — We could just run the story as a news item without commenting.  But that was before we noticed the subhead tags on the story which identified it as Bloomberg Opinion, Editorial Board. That means that the liberal scribes (or, maybe more appropriately “scrubs”) at the Bloomberg media mansion can get away with saying that it’s not a news story so they can say anything they want.

What they want – and said – was to remind us that “a gunman committed mass murder” at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “last February, killing 17 and injuring 17 more” and now – post-murder – their school has been hardened by installing a “video intercom system with electronic door release, card readers to admit staff at “primary entry points,” new surveillance cameras, additional fencing and gates to establish a “secondary perimeter,” new classroom door locks, and additional security personnel” and “If that sounds more like prison than school, students and parents may simply have to get used to it.”

We might ask, why didn’t they think of doing that before the shooter, a student, walked fare-thee-well into his school and opened up on his fellow students with an AR-15 rifle? Surely, with the recent history of school shootings in America such target-hardening shouldn’t be left to an afterthought. Should it?

But the approach the Bloomberg people took was – almost eight months to the day later – to emphasize schools as prisons rather than safe and secure campuses where students don’t have to engage in desk diving or tennis balling to escape a covert criminal. And during that time, some of the lucky student survivors could use the eight months to rail against the AR-15 as a “weapon of war” and say BS while marching for their lives across the nation. Well, we, too, say BS, though the context is clearly different.

What airports and courthouses, music concerts and churches have learned is that they have a responsibility to protect the public that use such venues, and they are now doing it. It took just one criminal act to recognize the necessity of creating barriers to deter mayhem.

Apparently, administrators and even journalists haven’t learned the lessons of history to which the alternative is to repeat it. It is simply easier to blame the gun and the political system rather than our complacent selves while adapting the worthless cry for somebody else “to do something!”

The string of school shootings up until Parkland is evidence that protection should begin at the initial school access and students of all ages can only be protected from deranged nuts by universal, inadmissible safety barriers. Such security may not be the preference of the liberal left media while they rattle on about the gun being the problem, but such security systems beats the hell out of headlines and snarky admonitions that students and their parents “will just have to get used to it.”

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