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Elk Hunting VIDEOS

Elk Hunting: What To Know Before Your First Hunt 10:46 min.

There is a lot involved in getting ready for a successful elk hunt. In this video NSSF’s Chris Dolnack shares what he learned from industry experts on a recent western elk hunt.

First Time Elk Hunter – Episode 1 8:26 min.

Follow Brandon Bates as he helps Chad Carman experience his first bull encounter in Utah.

First Time Elk Hunter – Episode 2 6:21 min.

Check in to see if Chad is able to harvest his first Bull Elk during the final episode of the Inaugural Team Elk’s IN SEASON.

Colorado Elk Rifle Hunting – Big Bull Down! 9:38 min.

The series continues with Part 3 of my Colorado Elk Rifle Hunt. I have an either sex elk tag for this early limited/draw-only season. My freezer is empty. Our 5th child is on the way. Can I do it? Can I provide meat for my family? Colorado first elk rifle season continues here!

Arizona’s Rifle Bull Elk Hunt 6:12 min.

If this doesn’t get you pumped up to go hunting with High Point Outfitters I am not sure what will! Watch Michael make an awesome shot on a giant bull!

Hunting Public Land Elk In Colorado 7:35 min.

“It quickly became apparent that this was one of those hunts in which you need to pause, take a deep breath of fresh air and remember to appreciate the experience for all it’s worth. This hunt was about spending time with friends, seeing new country, and taking on each new obstacle to improve our game as hunters.”

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