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Eurasian Collared Dove Hunting VIDEOS

Eurasian Dove, an Invasive Species, 2:31 min.

Eurasian collared dove are excellent eating just like morning and white wings. Being an invasive species they can be legally harvested year round. Here we demonstrate how to clean a dove.

Eurasian Collared Dove Full Body Decoy, 1:10 min.

The Eurasian Collard Dove is a prolific species to the US, and in most states can be hunted year-round, and without limits. They respond wonderfully to decoys. Soar No More introduces the world’s first collared-dove full body decoy.

Dove Hunts “Eurasian Dove” in Colorado, 2:11 min.

Dove hunts in a fabulous place in Longmont Colorado. Breath taking views of a successful hunt.

Eurasian Dove Hunt in Texas, 1:29 min.

Eurasian Dove Hunt in Lubbock.

Eurasia collared Dove Hunting, 4:13 min.

Farms and ranches are favored destinations for these beautiful and sporty birds.

Airgun Collared Dove Hunts! Pest control on a dairy farm! 6:27 min.

Jim and Scott focus on the Eurasian collared doves around the dairy farms. These birds are a non-indigenous pest species that have gone through an explosive growth curve over the last couple decades. Aside from the common mourning dove (a regulated game species) probably the most frequently encountered bird on our trip.

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