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Fall Bird Hunting VIDEOS

Turkey Blooper, 0:59 sec.

Crazy turkey hunt! Turkey hunter shoots 4 times at a turkey that does circles in front of him. He finally hits him on the 4th shot.

Nebraska Field Goose Hunting, 3:20 min.

My friends and I set up layout blinds in the field and surrounded ourselves with decoys. We saw hundreds of birds flying that day.

Wild Wings Hunting Preserve, Maryland- Pheasant, Chukar, and Quail Hunting! 1:56 min.

Some places are just made for hunting. This is one of them.

Duck Hunting Teal – 25 Kills, 2:25 min.

All of these shots were captured on video by ShotKam (a waterproof gun camera mounted to the bottom barrel). Recognized by the white patches on their wings, the Ringed Teal is a small duck.

The Git Up Parody Dove Hunting, 2:43 min.

5 Steven Bros do the git up dove parody.

Field Dressing Your Turkey, 3:04 min.

Brad Fenson shot this Fall Rio Turkey in the Sandhills of Nebraska with a Wicked Ridge crossbow. Plucking the feathers leaves the skin and fat intact, creating a moist bird. Harvesting a turkey and cooking it up yourself – a perfect way to prepare a Thanksgiving meal.

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