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Families Hunting VIDEOS

Families Afield 1-Million Apprentice Hunters, 6:09 min.

The future of hunting is brighter today than it was nearly a decade ago thanks to the extraordinary success of Families Afield, an innovative program that has reached a major milestone by introducing 1,000,000 newcomers to hunting.

Teaching Kids Guns Safety: How To Introduce Guns and Hunting To Youth, 13:09 min.

Teaching youth gun safety is critical to youth shooting sports. However, this video is more than how to teach a kid gun safety, it is a about how to introduced kids to hunting and the shooting sports as a lifestyle.

USSA TV – Families Afield in Action, 3:12 min.

Join USSA’s Sean Curran as he shares his time spent with his son waterfowl hunting and the importance of the apprentice license made possible by the Families Afield Initiative.

My Son’s First Hunt, 6:15 min.

The hunt I have waited for since I was a kid. The chance to share my passion, knowledge and time with my son just like my dad was able to do with me.

Take A Kid Hunting | His First Buck in 2016, 5:53 min.

Most states have a youth weekend for deer hunting. If your state has one, invest the time and mentor a child to pass on the tradition of deer hunting.
Check out this video from our 2016 season where young Rylan gets his first buck.

Bushlan Camo – Taking Kids Hunting, 7:45 min.

Taking Kids Hunting and promoting the outdoors

Youth Rabbit Hunt: Kids Hunt Rabbits and see a Tortoise, Horned Lizard, and Tarantula During The Hunt, 8:03 min.

I took my friend Matheu on a Youth Rabbit Hunt. We hunted Cottontail Rabbits and Jackrabbits. We got see a Tortoise, Horned Lizard, and Tarantula during the hunt. None of the animals were harmed. We did harvest two rabbits which we ate and we took a bonus Dove. Overall, it was a great day

2016 New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt | Jessica Taylor Byers, 13:48 min.

2nd year at Trophy Ridge Outfitters in Luna, New Mexico. Watch Jessica chase bulls for 5 days as she hopes to connect with her second archery elk!

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