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Fear of the Unknown

Bob Rogers

Monday, July 30, 2018 – What we don’t know is bound to hurt us. At least, that’s how America sees itself these days. Anti-gun advocates who pushed banning guns were driven by fear following every so-called mass shooting in the U.S.  Fearing criminals, it seems to us, should be more productive than fearing guns. Yet, that fear drove gun sales to record heights during the Obama years when gun rights supporters feared new regulations might hinder their concerns for self-protection. Now there’s the fear of the unknown – 3-D gun printing – and it’s scaring the s—t out of people, mostly politicians who, with a little shout-out to history, should know better.

We can start with the Democrats ’grand  pooh-bah, Chuck Schumer, who said in 2013 that “ We are looking at a world in which anyone with a little bit of cash can bring an undetectable gun that can fire multiple bullets anywhere — including planes, government buildings, sporting events and schools,” in referencing Cody Wilson’s determination to put his 3D printing instructions online. When that didn’t happen six years ago Schumer crawled back under his anti-gun Senate desk and moved on to his dream of succeeding Harry Reid as Senate Leader. Today, just 48 hours before Wilson is set to release his blueprints as a result of a legal settlement with the U.S. State Department, Democratic Senate Leader Schumer awoke from his 2013 nightmare to further announce that “America is going to get a lot less safe” by allowing anyone to copy “the look and the capacity of a fully semiautomatic weapon” starting Wednesday this week.

At this point we redirect your attention further down the front page of today’s GunProPlus digital newspaper to read an advance publishing of Steve Comus’ August 1, 2018 Custom Content column titled, The 3-Dimensional Battle of Amendments. Comus, as faithful readers of GunProPlus are aware, is not only a many decades long associate of this HedSpace author, but Director of Publications for Safari Club International (SCI) and a respected analyst of all things Gundom. Steve’s take on 3-D printing of guns exactly picture-frames the whoopla over Wilson’s motivational conundrum of the public fear of politicians who forsee nothing but catastrophe beginning two days from now. That the usual gun control groups are already apoplectic at the prospect of replicating an AR-15 or a .50 caliber Ruger Bazooka on a Black Friday Walmart copier goes without saying (although we just said it).

Relax, people. This is only fearless Monday. You’ve got 48 hours left to enjoy the rest of your life.

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