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Feel-Good Gun Laws and Being Careful What You Wish For

Bob Rogers

Friday, August 03, 2018 – The amount of time, money and energy expended by the gun control movement in the U.S. is impressive. The colluding media has done a good job of falsely making violence by gun about as acceptable as passing the basket every Sunday in church. Like it or not, just like wildfires in California or floods in Texas, gun control happens and each successive year, there always seems to be more on the way. Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile, is the old saw passed around advocates of gun rights in America. But the really big firestorm is yet to happen and, when it does the gun control neighborhood  may be difficult to even recognize.

In one sense 50 new gun control laws passed by state legislators this year, as reported by the Huff Post, is little else but salad dressing with too much vinegar in it. It looks good but tastes awful. Nevertheless, a reason for gun controllers to celebrate, at least until the growing conservative team at the Supreme Court gets hold of not just those 50 mostly ineffective gun control laws but begins a sweeping change favoring gun rights.

Some states have passed bump stock restrictions, yet bump stocks are still available everywhere else while awaiting official recognition of ATF regulations of which even the NRA has prematurely approved. Similarly, last week’s massive, not-really-real celebration over 3D plastic guns that sent liberal politicians and the lefty media into convulsions turned out to be nothing more than a premature horror show, especially after the NRA told President Trump that plastic guns have been illegal for 30 years.

The gun control crowd may go happily nuts over anything about guns that happens in Hawaii, California, New York, Massachusetts, and some other blue or turning-purple states, but there’s no surprise there. Same old song and dance. Flyover country still commands respect.  More schools and even churches are arming up. Making schools safer will not be affirmation of student marches but of hardening those educational targets. Red flag laws are more window dressing than actual effective means to stop mentally disturbed people from going over the wall of sanity. And jumping to conclusions every time Chuck Schumer or Adam Schiff or Chris Murphy or Richard Blumenthal or Maxine Waters finds a microphone podium to their liking to mention guns doesn’t guarantee legislation that will pass muster or Donald Trump’s signature. Best result they can hope for are sore legs.

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