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First Deer Hunt VIDEOS

11-Year-Old Girl Bags 2 Deer With 1 Shot, 2:21 min.

It was only Skyla’s second time hunting, and she had never fired her gun at a deer before.

Lilly Shooting Her First Deer!! 2:03 min.

Lilly Klapper harvested her first whitetail deer on 11/28 in central Texas using a AR style rifle chambered in 300 blackout. Lilly is sitting in a box bling with her dad Cody and little brother.

Savannah’s First Deer Hunt. “Dad, Is This Normal, I’m Not Cold, I’m Just Shaking”, 1:38 min.

Savannah’s first deer hunt. She shook hard for about 5 minutes after…not cold….it was her adrenaline dump. She was 9 years old and has begged to go with dad since she was 5. Since this time she has hunted Nebraska with dad and has11 deer harvests of her own.

Hear This Dad’s Pride After His Physically Challenged Son Get First Deer with a Bow, 2:04 min.

This sound clip is of an incredible moment of celebrating for this father & son, 13-year-old Jason and his dad Dana Sanders- We can’t imagine there’s a dad out there who won’t appreciate the pride in Dana’s voice.

1st Deer Kill Reaction Perfect Heart Shot for 10-year Old Hunter, 2:59 min.

Swapping venison for Thanksgiving instead of turkey will be special for this young buck hunter.

Kids and Their First Deer, 1:28 min.

Aint nothing like your first deer.

Special First Deer Episode – DeerCast Braggin’ Board, 1:38 min.

Everyone’s First Deer Is Special. The best way to celebrate is with family and friends and a big dose of readers and watchers.

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