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FL – GUN CONTROL – 8 YEARS OLD: Red flag law used against young kids in Florida “shocking,” says Florida Senator

Florida Senator Jeff Brandes, R- St. Petersburg, was surprised to learn children as young as 8-years-old are being petitioned by law enforcement to stay away from guns under the state’s new red flag law. State law already prohibits anyone younger than 21 from buying a gun. “I don’t understand how an 8-year-old could have legal custody or control over a firearm,” he said. “I would be shocked at that.” But that’s exactly what an I-Team Investigation recently found after reviewing hundreds of court cases stemming from the new law. The law, swiftly passed after the Parkland school shooting, was created to protect the public from future mass shooters. Since it was implemented in March 2018, more than 2,500 people have been stripped of their gun possession and ownership rights under the law, including at least 100 juveniles, the I-team found. “To apply it to juveniles who clearly don’t have care, control or custody- don’t own one, have never had one in their home seems to be an overstep,” said Brandes. The I-Team found Polk County filed the most orders of any county with more than 400 cases filed since the law took effect. Of those issued in the county, our investigation found more than 20 percent involved juveniles including an 8-year-old boy who go mad at school and then threatened to “get a gun and shoot everybody up.” The judge denied the order against the boy.  [full article]

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